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Phone Counseling

Christian Hope Counseling


The sessions last 45 minutes .  See COST.   Call 916-769-4673 for an appointment.   If you do not want to make a long distance call with your home phone, I will be glad to call you.

Why Telephone Counseling Works 

While counseling Christian clients with marriage difficulty in my greater Sacramento office, there were several who were unable to come to their next counseling session because of childcare, health, or distance. One of my clients lived in a rural area and did not want face the traffic jams. I offered them telephone counseling, which worked very well.

Over the years I have had referrals from many clients who lived in different time zones, but wanted to speak to someone they could trust. I always begin counseling sessions with prayer. I know Jesus is always with us regardless of whether or not we’re talking in person, on the phone. He is always reachable and His answers to our problems are available to us any time or any place.

I also counsel couples on the telephone. Husbands and wives can be in different parts of the country, in their separate offices, or just one room apart. Christian Hope is expanding beyond Sacramento to the rest of the country to reach as many hurting people as possible.