A 42 year old wife recently told me that she has four children.  Three are under the age of 15 and the fourth is 45.  That would be her husband.  I’ve heard the same pattern over the years.  This is learned behavior from our families of origin, school, TV and movies and watching the families of friends.  Some husbands do act like children, but is it a wife’s responsibility to treat them like children, to nag and remind them?  God says to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15) to everyone.  Now the reverse is also true.  Some husbands treat their wives like children, responding to their ideas as nonsense and ignoring them.  In these instances, both husbands and wives are guilty of abuse.  Couples should have a serious discussion with each other about how they are being treated and then both should become responsible and begin following Jesus’ style of communication and behavior.  Are you thinking like Jesus?

Treating a Spouse like a Child

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