Suddenly we’re living together

There are many reasons you may decide to quickly move in together.  The main reason is loneliness.  The other reason is that you’re not sure it will work.  But then suddenly we’re living together!

Internet playground

Today’s internet provides a vast playground for singles to meet and often they rush into a live-in relationship without the necessary tools to make it successful.  From a Christian standpoint it should lead to marriage.

Financial Entanglement

In living together you get entangled financially.  Who pays for the electric bill?   Who pays for what when we buy a car or a house together?  In the long run it can be just as difficult to untangle a live-in relationship as a divorce.  

Back to the future

People have forgotten about old fashioned dating.  If you’re dating you still can be with someone most of the day and see how each other live.  Get to know a person’s good and bad habits before you decide to share your life with them. (Ephesians 5:25).

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