Sell Everything?

Luke quotes Jesus as saying something quite underwhelming.  In Lk 12:32 reads ‘Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  Just before this verse he advises us to sell everything we have and take up the Cross and follow Him.  

Underwhelming dynamite

What the writer left out or Jesus didn’t add after he said ‘Do not be afraid’ is: Have faith!  He is telling us in no uncertain terms to get rid of goals where we seek the approval of the world with material wealth.

Depression measurement

Depression is in direct proportion to the wealth we have or might lose.  The more you have to lose, the deeper your depression.

Sell your possessions

Who wants to do that?  Who wants to sell their possessions for unseen faith in our Savior?  Few.  I have no desire to sell everything, but I do have a desire to take up the Cross.  

What is Jesus really saying?

He wants you to live with as many possessions as you would like without your possessions defining who you are.  He wants to define you by helping you to be more like Christ.  Your job is to have faith that He can do it!  And, the Holy Spirit will help you to have the necessary faith! The train has arrived.  

Rev. Dr. Craig A. Brewick

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