Savior, Send Me a Clear Message!

Often during during the work week I take a break between clients and walk into the sanctuary to be alone with Jesus.   The sanctuary is very still.  So still I can hear momentary creaks as the 20 year old building still settles.  I look to the stain glass Cross high above the alter and I ask God ‘What should I do?’  Sometimes the question pertains to a current problem or a general will for my life.  

In the Gospel of John, during the festival of the dedication of the temple, Jews asked Jesus if he would stop keeping them in suspense.  They wanted to now if He was the long-promised Messiah.  And they wanted Him to tell them plainly.  In so many words He replied He was (Jn. 10:30).

As I’ve said to many people, I want God’s SIM card so I can plainly understand Him.  I don’t hear Him as I would a human being.  But I can hear Him in what happens after I ask the question.  I watch for the subtleties of change in my world.  A connect the dots problem that is perplexing yet intriguing, as I sense how the Spirit is moving.

Savior, Send me a clear message!

Rev. Dr. Craig A. Brewick
Christian Counselor

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