Friendship before romance?

It would be nice if a person first became a friend and then a romantic attraction.  It just seems more civil.  Sometimes this happens, but most studies agree that people fall in love with the physical attractiveness of the other person.  

Behavior they don’t like

So, theoretically, after physical attraction, the two become friends.  Again, sometimes yes other times no.  Often the romance is all they have in an otherwise difficult life as they discover behavior they don’t like about the other.  

God’s Viewpoint

The Bible doesn’t address courtship so much as it does discovering the other person’s character.  Are they a believer?  What do they believe?  How much to they know about a Christian life?  Do they pray?  For what?  

Discernment after attraction

It is not necessary to become friends before romance, but it is important to have discernment.  That comes from God. 

Rev. Dr. Craig A. Brewick

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