How do we respond to God?  Is He loving and all powerful, angry, loving, unjust, silent?  It depends how you frame Him.  As a people, we tend to frame people, places and events through our filters.  This includes God.    If our frame of God is negative then we will have a negative outlook on things that go badly for us.  We can blame Him.  We will ask questions such as “Why does God allow this to happen to me or to someone else?”  It’s a good question.  But, if we find ourselves feeling angry and directing that anger toward God, then we have to examine how we’re framing Him.

We cannot control God nor can we truly understand Him.  However, we know His nature.  The Bible speaks of this.  His innate qualities are love (John 3:16), Justness  Ps 25:8-14 Truthful (John 14:6) Forgiving (Colossians 2:14) and Patient (2Peter 3:9) to name a few.

Because of troubles with our birth fathers we tend to project those problems onto our Heavenly Father.  We put the same frame on our birth fathers as we do on our Heavenly Father.  Is this fair to ourselves?  Is this frame truthful, based on The Bible?

God does not always answer our prayers the way we would like.  God is sovereign and cannot be controlled.  If we choose to give up trying to control God and reframe Him as loving, just, truthful, forgiving and patient we might find that our thinking will change.  And, as our thinking changes so will our feelings.