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Your Child Behaving?





Child fails to start doing what you ask within one minute after you make the request.

Child fails to finish what you’ve asked them to do

Child violates rules of conduct already taught

Changes from content to angry in a second

Fights the inevitable, such as going to bed, school, or coming to the dinner table, even when they know that eventually they will be forced to comply.

Insist on having their own way when playing with friends

Argue as vociferously about performing the little tasks as the big ones, as long as it’s something they don’t want to do.

May lie or cheat to escape responsibility for their actions

Like to ‘get back at’ people instead of forgetting about minor slights.

Are easily irritated.

May seem hostile toward particular people for no obvious reason.

Ignore commands.

Deliberately disobey their parents and sometimes other adults.

Break rules indiscriminately.

Badger or taunt  people, apparently for fun.

Resist interrupting play

Seem to have a chip on their shoulder

Can’t control their temper as well as other children of their age.

Often break or destroy things out of anger

May indulge in self-destructive behavior such as holding their breath or banging their head

Show little respect or regard for their parents, especial Mom.

+++6 months or more ++++  Often to 6 or more questions.