How to live with a narcissist

Living with a person who is argumentative, not caring and only thinking of themselves is extraordinarily taxing.  

Who are these people?

A narcissist is an adult who often was abused as a child and not nurtured by a parent.  It is a person who never really advanced past a young age usually before becoming a teenager.  They make everything about themselves.

You can keep the peace

Arguing with them is useless and they would need years of counseling to progress.  If you have been ‘tricked’ into marrying a narcissist you can keep the peace.

Imagine they are 10 years old sitting on a doorstep with Jesus.  The boy is complaining to Jesus and probably being obnoxious.  We see Jesus, with a sympathetic facial expression, focused on the boy and listening.  Jesus knows it is not about Him, but it is about the boy’s background (Matt. 19:14)

Remember this

If you can remember that mental picture you can stand back and realize the narcissists are really still children and do what they have learned.  Let them speak their mind and they will quiet down.  

Rev. Dr. Craig A. Brewick

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