Individual Therapy

Difficult Days and Uncertain Times…

Let the Light of God deliver you peace in your heart and home!

Welcome to Christian Hope Counseling.  Glad you are here!  

Going Under

You may be stressed for others in your family, as you juggle their education and dreams. 

The business could fail. You could run out of work. 

Everyone in your family is looking to you to keep things together.  

They’re depending on you for their future. 


There is never a moment to catch your breath.


By the time you get home rom work, help the children with their homework, and make dinner, you don’t even have the energy to drag yourself up the stairs. 

Except you still have another four hours of work to do on the computer, only to wake up at 6am tomorrow and do it all over again. 

It’s a never-ending cycle and you’re desperate for a way. 


It’s time to renew your mind… with Jesus at the center.

The Bible is the best source for well-being, because it’s God’s plan for encouragement and a renewed mind… a mind that thinks like Jesus. Once we get to thinking like our Savior, life gets easier and much better.

Yes, we will continue to have problems come our way. We will have things happen to us that are unfair and uncalled for. But now we will turn to God and remember what we learned in counseling to face the future with boldness.

At this point, you may be asking yourself whether we’ll be a good fit. Will I be able to help you through your stress and worries? Those are excellent questions, and I will answer them the best I know how.

You can call, or you can stall – it’s up to you. Again, I will do my best to help you, but I must know who you are.

I’ll give you a free 15-minute-or-so consultation, and we can get the counseling process started right on the phone. Call or text me today: (916) 769-4673.

*Names changed to preserve client confidentiality.