How do I know I’m saved?

Excellent question:  How do I know I’m saved?

Clients ask me this question. How do I know I’m saved?  I respond by asking:   ‘Do you believe Jesus Christ is your Savior from your sins?’  If your reply is ‘yes’ then my response is also ‘yes’ you are indeed saved for eternity.

But what about my behavior?

You may very well need to change your behavior and repent of your sins.  You can do this by confessing your sins to God and asking the Holy Spirit to change your behavior.  When?  Right away!  But don’t think of this as earning your way to Heaven.  Think of it as ‘this is what God wants me to do.’

Seems too easy

It does at the outset.  Genesis 15:6 reads “Abram (soon to be named Abraham) believed the Lord and He credited it to him as righteousness.’  Righteous in the Bible means:  the state of acceptance by God which comes from perfect obedience to the law.’  But Abram was not obeying the laws completely, yet his belief that God would give him his own son was credited to him as righteousness.  That is why Paul believes it is faith and not works that credits your belief now and today!

Change Behavior

The Holy Spirit does the hard work, but you can voluntarily change your thoughts about your life and how you want to live it. But don’t think of it as earning your way to Heaven.  Do it because it is what God wants from you.

Rev. Dr. Craig A. Brewick
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