I chanced upon a verse I first memorized for Confirmation classes years ago.  Interestingly with hermeneutics, I suddenly questioned what ‘restores’ meant in the 23rd Psalm.  Checking several reverences I found different interpretations, but ultimately my conclusion is that God leads our hearts toward peace as we begin to focus on Him.   Focusing on Him refreshes our souls and leads us back to where we were before sin.  As David wrote this Psalm, he must have been thinking about how  his heart for God took a wrong turn and now he was feeling anxious.  David needed to restore his peace of mind and using his own power failed him.  So, he went to God for supernatural healing.

The Lord is my Shepherd…He restores my soul.  Jesus guides His sheep on a safe path back to His will.  The Holy Spirit not only gives us peace about the current sin we are facing, but also many other sins that we have not noticed or just denied.  In counseling, it is wise to use the Bible as a guide to refresh our souls.