In my years of counseling I have never really seen this maxim to have much basis of truth.  One could also say happy husband, happy life.  If one spouse is getting all the positive attention, that spouse would likely think it’s a good marriage.  Many a husband has tried to please his wife only to find that he is abused and ridiculed by her.  For his kindness?  No, his meekness and willingness to please her out of love, fear or both.  The same goes for a wife who receives abuse from her husband because he has no respect for her willingness to please him.  Jesus and Paul never once said that people have to stay in an abusive marriage.  Jesus goes out of his way to explain how marriage partners and most everyone can resolve conflict (Matt 18:16-17). Husbands should not buy into that little maxim, Happy Wife, Happy Life.  It is not his job to make his wife happy.  She has the capacity to find her own happiness and the same goes for the husband. Each partner is responsible for their own happiness.  Are you living the life you want to live?

Happy Wife, Happy Life?

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