God, Where Are My Answers?

God, where are my answers?

I’m praying that my wife won’t leave me

I’m praying my son will get out of jail

I’m praying for a new job

I’m praying that my husband will stop yelling at me

Getting angry with God because he doesn’t seem to be answering your prayer leads us to the story Jesus told in Luke 11:5-13.  It’s the persistent man who wants a friend to give him bread for his own friend.  The story takes place at midnight and the persistent man’s friend tells him not to bother him because he and his family are trying to sleep. In other words the kitchen is closed.  

No Giving Up.  Persistence!

 So he keeps bugging this man who finally gives in.  Jesus ends the parable by telling the reader that you don’t have to bug God for His answers.  Instead He will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit immediately.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

You mean the gift of speaking in tongues or being a teacher?  Not necessarily, but even better.  You are getting the WHOLE Holy Spirit and every good thing that comes with Him.  

What Do We Do?

Pray for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life.  Watch what happens!

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