The Difference between Worry and Concern

Finding Worry Unacceptable

Since none of us want to have worry or bad stress in our lives, we normally start to worry.  Even mentally healthy people choose to worry when first encountering a fear or stress.  This is normal.  The difference is whether the worry continues to focus on a bad outcome or a specific plan is developed in the mind to solve the problem.  Some problems cannot be solved such as severe medical problems.

What the Worrisome Mind is Thinking

There are people who find worry and stress unacceptable.  The mind is thinking ‘I cannot or must not have fear or stress in my life.”  But they fail to begin working on the plan and instead focus on a dreadful future event.

Our Brain Gets Flooded

When we label events as tragic or incomprehensible our brains get flooded.  The difference between a worry and a concern is the plan of action.

God Will Share His Thoughts

The best plan of action is to talk it over with God first (1 Peter 5:6-7).  Let Him share is very thoughts with you so you can make the best plan (1 Cor. 2:16).  

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