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How soon can you help me solve my problems?
It often depends on how deep-seated the emotional pain. The goal is to offer immediate relief so that after the first session you will feel hope. 


How many sessions do you usually spend with your clients?
Normally, counseling will go between 12 and 20 sessions.  Sometimes problems can be worked out in one session. 


How long are the sessions?
45 minutes. 


How often do you counsel clients?
It depends on my schedule and the severity of the problem.  I usually counsel clients weekly in the beginning.  After a while, the sessions can be spread out over a couple of weeks. 


Do you take insurance?
Yes.  I will provide the procedure codes in a statement that you forward to your insurance company for reimbursement.  I cannot guarantee that all insurance is reimbursable.



Do I have to be a Christian to be counseled?
No.  I often counsel people who do not profess to be Christian.  I still can help them with their problems. 


My spouse is not a Christian, but I am.  Can we still counsel together?
Yes.  In fact it is very encouraging to see the Holy Spirit at work as we discuss how Christ-like living actually begins to solve problems. 


Do you require clients to do homework?
No, but I do ask clients to think about some of the concepts we’ve discussed during the session.  I often ask them to practice what they have learned.