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Marriage Counseling

marriage-counselingA married couple entering marriage counseling is going through one of the most difficult seasons of their lives.  They have found their problems to be insurmountable.  During a couple’s therapy, I often hear the words done and drama.  As a counselor I have to break down their words and replace them with sentences that Jesus would use to understand the spirituality of their plight.  Thinking like Jesus is paramount for a rebirth in loving communication. 

The Marriage Counseling Process:

I use a triangle to explain how the counseling process is going to evolve.  The triangle has four levels.  The bottom level is Emotional Well-Being.  The one on top of that is Communication.  Next comes Problem-solving.  At the apex of the triangle is Intimacy.  If there are problems with their emotional well being, they can’t communicate.  If they can’t communicate they cannot solve problems.  If they can’t solve problems, there is little, if any, intimacy – both physical and emotional.  So we begin to work together to find solutions to their individual emotional problems that they brought into the marriage in the first place.

Christian Marriage Counseling:

Using the Bible as our platform for change, we begin to find motivation to behave toward each other in a Christ-like manner.  

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