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depressionMuch of depression is situational. Depression in this case is a loss. Something you once had is now gone and you probably cannot get it back. A job, a death, a divorce, a dream? Is the loss something that you can touch? Did it really happen or are you fearful it may happen? Once you have separated the reality from the imagined, you can begin to grieve the loss. A close friend, relative or professional depression therapist can help you through this. You can rely on Jesus to be with you and grieving with you. One might ask “why did Jesus let this happen?” There is no easy answer for this other than we need to trust that He will help us through any of life’s disrupting events.

Christian Depression Counseling

If you would like to inquire about receiving depression counseling, please contact me today. I am a licensed Christian therapist offering Christian depression therapy. We can do the depression counseling over the phone, in person, or by video call, whichever you would prefer. You don’t have to keep feeling this way.


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