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 You’re in serious trouble

Trusting your partner has a lot to do with communication.

When communication breaks down couples can start fighting and in some cases cheating. They need to share their deepest emotions with each other not co-workers or well-meaning friends.

It feels broken beyond repair 

Once trust has been damaged by betrayal or hurtful interactions, it can feel next to impossible to get it back.

Both of you end up retreating to the safety of silence.  But that silence is anything but comfortable.

In fact,  just coming home to that level of tension feels like a special kind of torture.  You’ve had enough, but you have no idea what to do about it.

I’ve found that ‘how you say it’ is as important as ‘what you say’

Couples who use BibIical principles are more successful in finding the words, intent and tone to make sure their communication is clear.

Christian Counseling offers Christlike solutions for effective communication and trust.

Once we get to thinking like our Savior, life gets easier and much better.

You can call or you can stall.  It’s up to you 

It’s no mystery what’s working for you if you decide to do nothing.  The tension and resentment will only get stronger and harder to penetrate. 

There is light and ease on the road ahead. The psychotic loop of stress does not need to be your reality for even a day longer. 

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