Christian Hope Counseling

It is Bible Based and Christ Centered.

Christian Counseling in Roseville and Citrus Heights, CA


Our Lord does not want you to be stressed.

He wants to give you an Abundant Life full of Joy and Peace.

Bible Based

The Bible talks a lot about worry and anxiety, but often is not specific on exactly what tools to use.

I use the Bible as the basis for counseling. Jesus was the best model of human life ever!

The goal is to be like him more and more in our life. And to be like him you must know what he did. That’s in the Bible.

Christ Centered

Counseling with me is Christ centered. That means putting God first in our lives.

What we think and do follows the teaching of Christ. We learn to think like Jesus. We look through his eyes at everyone we see.

What is he seeing? What is he feeling? Jesus saw a broken world. People were angry, sad, and confused. He saw couples cheating and destroying their bodies with drugs and alcohol.

He felt sad and yet he also felt hope, knowing that he was going to save everyone who believed in him.

Meet Sarah*.

Sarah is a regional sales representative for a local corporation who came to me with the fear that she might lose her job.

It wasn’t a current threat, but she was still afraid and wanted to know how I could help her overcome her anxiety.

She said, “I just feel anxious all day and the Bible says I shouldn’t be anxious. I don’t know how to get the peace that God promises.”

The benefits of a Christian Counselor:

Sarah is looking for peace.

My counseling is Bible based and Christ centered. Scripture is used to find the passages in the Bible where God promises peace: “Peace I give you.” or “The person controlled by God is life and peace.”

I can help Sarah see that God wants peace for her life. We then determine a plan to change some of her behavior or to influence others to change their behavior. The plan contains specific steps to reduce anxiety so we can live an abundant life.

Christian counseling not only can heal Sarah’s emotional needs but brings her into a closer relationship with God. This is because as we read the verses in our sessions, she is developing a familiarity with him. She gets to know him as a friend and someone who is on her side.

While we can come up with an excellent plan to bring us peace, I use prayer to ask the Lord directly to intervene in her struggles. Sarah now is using her thoughts coupled with prayer to relieve her fearful thinking.

Christian Counseling often answers the core issues of why this thing is happening. God will help her look at her career in a different light.

Give God permission to work in your life.

Ask him for the peace that he promises. He may lead you to a counselor who, with prayer, will help you in ways which once you thought you couldn’t even imagine!

As a Christian counselor for 20 years, I have seen God change lives.

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*Names changed to preserve client confidentiality.

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