I know that 2019  has been a turbulent year.  It has been filled at various times with miracles and heartaches.  Whatever you have experienced from ‘this world’ it is to be expected.  It won’t be the exact same problems but there will be trials and tribulations (John 16:33)

New Choices

we need not fear the future.  For the future will take care of itself.  The question is ‘how will we respond to the future?’

Choose to bless in 2020

You have many choices.  You can respond to stressful events with an unchristlike expression of anger.  If you choose to do that ask yourself:  ‘Has this really been a good choice in 2019?’  Or we can respond to stressful events with thoughts of peace from Christ.  Giving a blessing to our adversary instead of trying to inflict pain.  

A new experiment

Maybe you haven’t experimented with giving your adversaries a blessing.  This new year is a good time for that. By the way it works.  Ask Jacob. (Gen. 33:1-16)

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