Bullying is Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude is a German word that means taking pleasure in other people’s sufferings.  It kind of makes you sick to your stomach to think about that.  

It’s bullying

I think of schadenfreude is a good example of  bullying.  And, the bully naturally needs a payoff!   And that payoff is a response from the injured person showing the kind of pain the bully wanted to inflict at the outset.  

Bullying electronically

Schadenfreude has now progressed into the 21st century with texts, emails, and twitters.  What a disgusting way to use the electronics which gives us efficiency and task-freedom!


And why is that some people practice schadenfreude?  It is quite simply that their self-esteem is so low they cannot think of a better way to get the attention they crave.

The fix?  First, these people need to know they are being used by satan to undermine The Christ.  That is always the primary goal of the devil.  Second, they need to release all the underlying anger that causes them to be a bully in the first place.  That can only be done through forgiveness of the people who hurt them.  

They blame others

Sadly, those who practice schadenfreude are so consumed with hurting others they really think the fault lies with the people they are bullying.  The Holy Spirit can heal that infirmity.  And, we can pray for the bully (Luke 6: 27-28).

Rev. Dr. Craig Brewick

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