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How It Works

1)      To make a phone-counseling appointment online, click here > Make Appointment  and follow the instructions to SECURELY book your appointment with any of the following credit cards:


2)      Or you may call me at: 916-769-4673  to make an appointment and pay by phone.  All phone counseling appointments are secured through a credit card number for payment. You can use the secure website to process the card.    

3)      Once the payment is authorized, I will call or e-mail you to confirm the agreed phone appointment time.    

4)      Once the appointment time is set I will send you an email.   

5)      You will then call me at the appointment time.      

6)      The session will begin with a short prayer. At that time, we will discuss your concerns.  After 45 minutes the session ends with prayer.  



Pastor Craig’s office is located in Citrus Heights, California.  Please submit an email request or call for counseling and indicate whether you are interested in scheduling a phone counseling, SKYPE or an in-person counseling appointment at the church.

Our 45 minute appointment begins with prayer, followed by counseling.  We end with prayer and a personalized plan for the next session.