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Craig A. Brewick, Ph.D 
National Christian Counselors Association
Advanced Clinical Counseling Certification


A 45 minute session is based on a sliding scale for In-Person, SKYPE/FACETIME or Phone Counseling.


HOW TO REACH ME:   Contact me by email or by calling 916-769-4673 in the Sacramento area.  Please provide an email address and/or a phone number with area code.    I typically check these messages between sessions and I will reply to your email or return your call as soon as possible.   

SCHEDULING:  Regular appointments can be scheduled at anytime.   

SESSIONS:  Office visits are by appointment only.   Each session is 45 minutes. Double appointments can be arranged following a session.  Emergency sessions can be taken immediately.

PAYMENT:   Check, cash or Visa/Discover/MasterCard/American Express for the entire amount.   Call Dr. Craig.  916-769-4673.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Our meetings are privileged under state law and strictly confidential.   

Please feel free to ask questions.   I am here to help you meet your needs.