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Traditionally, counseling is done in person.  One can see the other person’s expression, hear their voice and watch the counselor take notes.  This works very well, if it is easy to get to the counselor’s office.

By opening up my counseling to the United States and Canada the Holy Spirit is able to reach people who cannot easily see me in person.  Toll-free Christian phone counseling is the same, and now with internet cameras, we can (if you desire) easily link up.  You will be able to see me counsel you while we still can have a private phone conversation and you remain virtually anonymous.

I will email you any handouts that I have regarding the many topics we cover.  All you need to have by your side is a Bible.

You may be on break at work, in your car or truck, sitting by a stream in the mountains, by a lake, a hotel or at your home.  You can be ANYWHERE in the world and we can work together to bring you peace.

The Holy Spirit does the healing.