There is a room with a door.  The name on the door is ‘Depression.’  One named Peter enters the room and finds many files of regret, shame and losses. The files belong to him.   He sits on the floor and worries about what will happen.  In a while, he hears firm footsteps heading toward the door and then it opens The room becomes glowing with bright light.  The Christ looks at Peter and says to him, ‘I have come to handle your guilt, shame and loss.’  And The Anointed stretched out His hand and lifts Peter to a standing position and tells him to walk out the door and shut it.  He does as instructed.  As he leaves he hears the door lock behind him.  And then Our Savior begins working out Peter’s worry and loss, shame and anxiety.  He does this out of love. Stop playing God with your worries!

1 Peter 5:6-7

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