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Getting back to God’s power…

You were reared as a Christian, or perhaps you became one later in life.

But your Bible is getting dusty.

The worries of this life seem overwhelming.

What happens when your marriage is falling apart?

“He’s always on Facebook and Instagram. He’s up to something. Quickly closing his phone or computer screen when I’m nearby.”

“We’re arguing more, and the children are around – listening to the rude words we say to each other. How is this affecting them?”

“I don’t want to get a divorce, but I’m thinking about it more… and more. We just need help. We need to communicate. We just don’t know how.”

Solving problems on our own isn’t working.

Yelling, crying, pleading, defensiveness. All the anxiety and worry about the future keeps dominating us.

Doctors give us pills. Friends give advice. Addictions provide an escape, but ultimately cause more problems.

We have come to the end of our ropes.

The last resort…

Finally, finally, in desperation we turn to the One who has always been there. But God is a really big thing, and it can be hard to understand Him.

The Bible tells us what we need to do: Stop worrying. Stop feeling anxious.

“But how do I get there????”

As your personal counselor, let me come into your marriage or challenging circumstances and guide you.

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I’m Craig.

Is it a simple task to put a marriage back together? Hardly.

Problems like the cares of this world steal away our intimate Christian relationship.

For many years, I have sat across from people just like you. They know what they want, they just don’t know how to get there.

I can see the anguish, disappointment, and anger in their faces as we open with prayer.

More About Me

But there is hope.

The Bible calls us to boldly approach the throne of God.

I have a deep understanding of scripture, and through it, I can show you how to overcome depression and anxiety.

We’ve all heard stories of couples who drifted away from God and then drifted away from each other. Reconnecting with the Holy Spirit, who restores marriages, helps those couples to recreate their lives.

I can help you with specific Christian tools and thoughts necessary to get back to a marriage where there is intimacy, trust, communication, and affection. To enjoy a life of peace, happiness, and fulfillment with yourself, friends, or family.

In confidence, we know that He will answer your prayer.

Find understanding.

The time is now.

That short, but dominating, sentence is penetrating. We must
roll up our sleeves and get to the bottom of the problems.

I can only begin to help you, if I know who you are.

Call or text (916) 769-4673. It’s a safe place.

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