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Money?  Power?  Looks?

No.  Our highest goal in life is to imitate Jesus.   It requires us to walk, think, pray, entreat, speak, love, believe…to act in every way as Jesus did.  All we know, understand, believe and do about the truths of the Bible must come together into patterns of living that become habitual.  These new habits must break into and replace the pattern of old, dead habits that reflect the carnal or unredeemed state of our being.  Then we must follow through in word and deed.  (Hawkins, Ohlschlager, Hindson, 2001)

As a counselor, I have found the Holy Spirit enables me to think and say words which will edify the client.  I know these words are not always mine and it isn’t just a coincidence that I would just naturally have them.  We start each counseling session with prayer inviting God to be a part of our session.  I believe He is there.

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