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Craig A. Brewick, Ph.D 
National Christian Counselors Association
Advanced Clinical Counseling Certification


A 45 minute session is based on a sliding scale for In-Person, SKYPE/FACETIME or Phone Counseling.


HOW TO REACH ME:   Contact me by email or by calling 916-769-4673 in the Sacramento area.  Please provide an email address and/or a phone number with area code.    I typically check these messages between sessions and I will reply to your email or return your call as soon as possible.   


SCHEDULING:  Regular appointments can be scheduled at anytime.   

SESSIONS:  Office visits are by appointment only.   Each session is 45 minutes. Double appointments can be arranged following a session. 

PAYMENT:  Payment is required before a session is scheduled.  All future appointments must be secured by a check or Visa/Discover/MasterCard/American Express for the entire amount.  The check will be held until that future session, however credit cards will be processed immediately.  Call Dr. Craig.  916-769-4673.

CHANGE OR CANCELLATION: You are responsible for adhering to the appointment time.  Appointments can be changed up to 24 hours prior to the time of the session, except for emergencies.  For cancellation there is an administration fee of $45 which can be waived if you reschedule within a 48 hour period.  The receipt of your message by phone or email to change or cancel your appointment will be acknowledged.  Your credit card or the check securing your appointment will be charged or cashed for the full amount if you fail to give the above advance notice.  

MISCELLANEOUS:  Our meetings are privileged under state law and strictly confidential.   California Law requires Christian Hope Church to report suspicion of child abuse or child neglect to your state’s Child Protective Services. 

Please feel free to ask questions.   I am here to help you meet your needs.